The Best Backup and DR Solution for IBM i

AS400 and iSeries BaaS and DRaaS

We provide an easy way to protect your business’ critical IBM i platform while still moving ahead with modern data protection technologies and disaster recovery options both on-premise and in the cloud. You can also rid yourself of cumbersome tape backups with local disk backups and cloud DR to meet your compliance and disaster recovery requirements IBM iSeries administrators have ardent devotion for their midrange systems because they are powerful, completely integrated, maintenance free, and virtually indestructible.

Long term support for IBM i

We have a longer and more extensive track record of support for the AS400 / iSeries platforms amongst online data protection providers.

And because of our unique IBM relationship and our focus on AS400, we have extensive experience working alongside IBM in critical situations when customers have IBM equipment and systems under maintenance and support contracts.

Get more of what you love from your IBM i Systems

Designed for i: Installs directly onto IBM i and dramatically reduces the backup window and restriction periods.

Bare Metal and System Recovery: When protecting IBM i, we offer full system and library data protection designed specifically for this platform. Recover to an alternative physical iSeries or LPAR or to our cloud using Warm Site Disaster Recovery services.

Local and Remote: this appliance-based solution offers a local backup for fast recovery, and remote copies with extended versioning and archiving for major disasters.

Maintenance-Free: Get more of what you love form your IBM i systems. With our solution, you just set it and forget it. We’ll protect you reliably and effortlessly in the background.

Goodbye Tape: The first on-premise and cloud-based backup, archiving and disaster recovery solution that’s designed specifically for the IBM i, and completely eliminates the need for tape.

Say goodbye to tape data backup

Our Online Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for IBM i is a complete turnkey service, including backup, recovery, Archiving and Warm Site Disaster Recovery.

This pay-as-you-go cloud solution requires no capital investment and completely eliminates tape from your backup and disaster recovery process.

  • Installs directly on to iSeries, to provide a robust, full-featured backup experience without any of the drawbacks of a network-based solution
  • The fully-managed backup solution, including a local appliance, controls the entire on-site and offsite backup process
  • Integrated archiving optimizes long-term storage for cost savings, efficiency and compliance

Efficient, streamlined recovery process for fast, reliable, error-free restores

Protect stand-alone objects, including all the objects that will be used outside of OS/400

Efficiently save only delta changes and restore complete sets of the latest objects

Flexible and powerful backup policies, including protection for IFS and DB2 requirements

Intelligent data compression and incremental forever backup ensure efficient use of storage, resources and bandwidth

IFS and DB2 are restored in its entirety or restored by an individual object or data elements

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