Online Backup and Disaster Recovery For IBM i

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One thing that sets IBM i, iSeries and AS/400 administrators apart is the ardent devotion they have for their midrange systems. IBM i servers are powerful, completely integrated, maintenance free, and virtually indestructible.

But the other side of this coin is that IBM i presents some special challenges when it comes to business continuity and data protection.

Tape backups, and other manual processes, add an extra layer of unnecessary maintenance to what should be a completely reliable server platform. When it comes to backup and disaster recovery, physical storage media can complicate and lengthen the recovery process.

Tape Is Obsolete

  • Backup failure resulting from human error is a leading cause of data loss for organizations, due to extensive manual handling involved in the backup process.
  • Mechanical storage media could degrade and fail over time, especially after long-term storage or frequent use. And while in transit or storage, tapes and drives face a high risk of loss or theft.
  • Compatibility issues often arise when it comes to restoring archival data from older obsolete media formats.
  • If you need to recover data from physical storage media, the search and discovery process can be costly, error-prone and labor-intensive.

Automate To The Cloud

Storagepipe’s Online Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for IBM i is a complete turnkey service, including backup, replication, archiving, and “warm site” disaster recovery. This pay-as-you-go cloud solution requires no capital investment, and completely eliminates tape from your backup and disaster recovery.

Storagepipe has deep roots and capabilities supporting IBM platforms including xSeries, iSeries (System-i), and pSeries as well as IBM software platforms such as Lotus Notes Domino and IBM Tivoli.

We also have the longest and most extensive track record of support for these platforms amongst online data protection providers. And because of our unique IBM relationship, we have extensive experience working alongside IBM in critical situations when customers have IBM equipment under maintenance and support contracts.

And it’s all backed by dedicated, highly-trained, 24-7 support and over a decade of experience.

Why settle for “good enough” commodity backup? Get serious, business-optimized data protection from experts who are passionate about i.

Get in touch with Storagepipe today for a live demo or more information.

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About Storagepipe

Founded in 2001, Storagepipe was an early pioneer in the area of online backup and managed data protection for IBM servers. Since then, they’ve expanded their services portfolio to include online backup, archiving and high-availability services for every system in your datacenter.

Today, the Storagepipe name is known and respected by IT professionals across the world. But Storagepipe never forgot its roots.

Even today, they are still a dominant player in the area of managed data protection for IBM i, iSeries, AS/400, AIX, Unix and other systems. Storagepipe’s focus on service and expertise has allowed them to maintain their position as a leader and constant innovator in the space.

Contact Storagepipe to find out how we can cost-effectively automate the protection of your IBM servers while also improving the security and reliability of your backup process.